Application by mousafirisa

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Application by mousafirisa

Post by mousafiris on Thu Aug 12, 2010 2:44 pm

1. Nickname: Mousafirisa
1b. Main class of said nick name:Storm screamer
2.(important) you must have friends in the clan to join, state the names:i dont have any friends in clan
2b.Your Name:Orestis
3. How old are you?:18
4. Where are you from? (city, country):Greece athens
5. Hobby:L2,football,basket
6. Main info about yourself:I am friendly and cool man,looking for a real active clan and good friends
7. How much time online per day:8-10
8. Where do you play? (club, house, netcafe):House
9. Your equipment ingame (armor, weapon, jewels):Armor +10 full ele vnr,wep + 16 caster,+11
10. Have you been in other clans? (If yes, why did you leave? more info the better):yep i was in dc but they were too pvp ,no farm
11. How long have you been playing lineage 2? on this server?:2 years
12. Main class and subclasses that you have(Include Alts and names):Cardinal,necromancer,titan on mousafirisa
13. How many rebirths do you have?:3
14. Are you noble or close to get it?:Yes i am
15. Would you get a support subclass to help the clan?:yes of course
16. Do you know what ASSIST/MA means?I do know
17. You must have quests for epics (baium,valakas,antharas) , sorcer for AQ lvl 40-44 and subb class for baium (titan,tank or healer): I will work on it next days and i will be ready for this


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Re: Application by mousafirisa

Post by Jim on Thu Aug 12, 2010 6:50 pm

No need farmers -1

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